Biamp Systems Makes Good on Going Green: Expands Role of Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee

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Dec 31, 2006

Biamp Systems Makes Good on Going Green: Expands Role of Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee

As an extension of the company's commitment to full compliance with the European Union's directive on Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), Biamp today introduced its new Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee. With an increased awareness worldwide of the potential ecological impact of discarded components and energy use, Biamp's Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee is designed to ensure that every aspect of the company's corporate culture, from manufacturing to operations, is optimized with current and future concerns in mind.

Originally established December 2004 to plan for the company's compliance, the committee's charter has been expanded to address new government standards as they are introduced, oversee production and manufacturing processes and foster open communication about environmental policies within the company. Chaired by Chuck Gollnick, one of Biamp's senior engineers, and comprised of representatives from each department, the Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee is a proactive initiative to address the RoHS Directive from legislation and directives planned for North America and Asia. The Committee is now an official fixture within Biamp, meeting regularly to ensure that the company is operating in accordance with new guidelines as they become available.

"Biamp strives to be a good corporate citizen to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and the environment," said Ralph Lockhart, president, Biamp Systems. "We have created the Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee to ensure that in our endeavor to maintain the highest quality in our products we aren't doing so at the expense of our fragile ecosystem. In addition to government regulations, the Committee anticipates and prioritizes specific environmental, safety and communications issues that will be instrumental in Biamp's continuing growth and success."

Of primary concern for the Committee is Biamp's line of audio solutions and ensuring they meet all of the newest environmental guidelines for production. To that end, Biamp successfully achieved full RoHS compliance for its entire product line, including the Audia® platform and its entire line of Nexia® processors, in time for the July 1, 2006 deadline. As the company moves forward and prepares for 2007, Gollnick says he's confident the company will continue to meet new compliance deadlines without experiencing any downtime in production.

"The fact that we are fully RoHS compliant is a huge accomplishment for Biamp and speaks volumes about our employees and their dedication to getting the job done right and on time," said Gollnick. "But what makes us very proud of this achievement is that we achieved compliance without increasing our prices or compromising our five year warranty on any of our products. The role of the Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee will be to ensure that this is always the case because, as important as it is to us, our customers and our customers' clients, the responsibility rests solely with the manufacturer, and we're making sure everyone at Biamp understands this."

In addition to ensuring Biamp meets government regulations, the Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee has been tasked with creating important internal measures to reduce the ecological footprint of Biamp's production facility and offices. The Committee has overseen the use of high efficiency lights throughout the Biamp facility; a company recycling program that includes zincalum, paper and aluminum; and mandatory educational sessions for all employees each year to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest issues and encourage questions and feedback. The Committee is also in the process of creating a companywide Sustainability Policy that will create a universal approach to addressing environmental issues in every department.

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