Biamp Breakthrough: Introducing TrueSound AEC Algorithm

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Jan 31, 2007

Biamp Breakthrough: Introducing TrueSound AEC Algorithm

Introducing a new standard of high definition audio in all conferencing applications, Biamp today launched its new TrueSound™ AEC algorithm at ISE 2007. Available immediately, the proprietary algorithm is the result of intensive, yearlong, in-house research and development initiative. TrueSound™ is the only algorithm that provides integrators and consultants with a powerful, easy-to-implement solution for true wideband, 20 Hz to 20 kHz acoustic echo cancellation, delivering sound that is true to life.

"If you have HD video without HD audio, then you aren't experiencing the full power of high definition conferencing," said Ralph Lockhart, President, Biamp Systems. "With our new TrueSound™ AEC algorithm, integrators and consultants who are installing or specifying our Nexia VC and Nexia TC or AudiaFLEX processors can rest assured that their customers will experience crisp, clear audio, reliable processing power and truly lifelike audio in conference settings – an invaluable asset in today's business world."

The new TrueSound™ AEC algorithm provides wideband echo cancellation without compromising resources dedicated to other DSP functions. During multiple participant conferences, the algorithm allows for full duplex wideband transmission of speech in every instance, including doubletalk, and greatly enhances intelligibility and audio performance. TrueSound™ AEC also provides users with improved background noise reduction resulting in clearer, more natural sound and is designed to make setup easier for integrators when installing an audio network.

"As a company, we have been selling and supporting acoustic echo cancellation systems for more than 10 years," said Graeme Harrison, Vice President of International Sales, Biamp Systems. "It is a technology that we take very seriously, and a field that we have a great deal of experience in. In the past we have found that configuring acoustic echo cancellation systems tends to be, in most cases, problematic. Our new TrueSound™ algorithm eases the set-up problems caused by overly sensitive reference and microphone levels – elements that were typically the most troublesome – yet still provides high-definition audio on a very stable platform. With the new TrueSound™ AEC, you get HD audio with less work."

At ISE 2007, Biamp is also introducing its new input card for AudiaFLEX: the AEC-2HD. Offering the highest level of wideband performance available, the AEC-2HD offers two channels of acoustic echo canceling per card and the wideband capability to accommodate broadband systems, VoIP and codecs for videoconferencing.

Biamp has long been an innovator in the professional audio industry with the introduction of its Audia® Digital Audio Platform, Nexia® family and intuitive daVinci™ control screen software. The new TrueSound™ AEC continues this commitment to innovation by providing integrators with a solution that is powerful, flexible and easy to implement.

The new TrueSound™ AEC algorithm is standard in the new Nexia VC and Nexia TC processors as well as the new AEC-2HD input card for AudiaFLEX processors. All of Biamp's products are fully RoHS-compliant. For more information on the new TrueSound™ AEC algorithm, the AEC-2HD input card or any of Biamp's products, please visit booth R10 during ISE 2007, or visit

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