Teleconferencing Auditorium Installed For Crystal City Hyatt

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Jan 12, 2008

Teleconferencing Auditorium Installed For Crystal City Hyatt

After completely gutting its Conference Theater Room, the Crystal City Hyatt at Reagan National Airport approached AV/Com Integrators to give the room an audio system that provided a truly interactive experience for presentations and collaborative conferencing. What John Bangs, Owner, AV/Com Integrators and his team developed is a completely transparent sound system that allows for uninterrupted two-way conferencing, both audio and video, that some of the nation's top governmental agencies can use to exchange information.

Three Biamp AudiaFLEX® with TrueSound AEC – 48 channels of AEC across 24 AEC-2HD cards – power the system that makes this all possible. Anyone seated in the room can participate in a conference taking place, regardless of where they are sitting. The audio coverage in the room is such that everyone can hear each other clearly.

"The Crystal City Hyatt is an extremely busy hotel, with its conference rooms hosting some of the top government agencies along with huge corporate events," recounts Bangs. "They asked us to provide a teleconferencing room that would be above and beyond what any other facility in the city can provide, because the room had to provide the precise audio performance that these meetings demand. Plus, we were able to add some additional features to the system that let presenters run meetings more effectively."

"The biggest challenge is in teleconferencing," continued Bangs. "With many of the products that are available today, you tend to get a lot of feedback for one reason or another, especially when there are multiple microphones being used in close proximity to each other. This is where the acoustic echo cancellation really made a big difference. Biamp's TrueSound algorithm gave us the power to accommodate all of the microphones in the room and ensure there is no clipping or attenuation, even with all of the microphones being used."

In addition to the Biamp AudiaFLEX units, the room also employs (45) Audia-Technica gooseneck microphones, Martin Audio WTUB speakers, Tannoy subwoofers, a Polycom 8400-VSX listening system, a Tascam DVR1000 harddrive recorder that can record up to 13 hours of uninterrupted audio, an AMX control panel at the front of the room and another in the AV closet, 65" Sharp LCD panels at the front of the room, with a 10' wide Da-Lite screen projected onto by a 4000 lumen Mitsubishi, and an Extron Crosspoint matrix. Additionally, the lectern contains a SmartBoard 15" touchpanel Sympodium.

Bangs recalls the decision in choosing the speaker coverage, saying, "Realizing that it was a tricky room layout, in a tiered, semi-circle type pattern that fans out, using Martin WTUB speakers with 40 by 120 dispersion ensured that every seat enjoys great sound. The Martin speakers gave us a solid spread in the room and even acoustic coverage to all points. But even with that great sound in the room, a change to the room created a challenge of where to locate the Tannoy subwoofers. It was determined that (6) Tannoy CMS110TBs in a row in front of the Martin speakers would be perfect."

"The room has a very low ceiling and seats up to 90 people, so having the Audia software to do the programming was vital. We used it to create a transfer function to tie together all of the different speakers. The sound in this room is absolutely phenomenal. On the backend we used one of our favorite racks, a Middle Atlantic Products WRK 44-SA32, to house all of the components for the room."

Bangs also remembers when the system underwent its first test run. "When the room was almost complete, the owner of the hotel was walking through with his management team and we asked if he'd like to hear the room. He agreed, so we put on the Blues Brothers CD for him and played 'She Caught The Katie.' When the sound came through the speakers, especially those subwoofers, he turned to me with a huge grin on his face and gave me a high-five. Then someone from one of the other, larger ballrooms came down the hall and asked us to turn it down. That's how I knew it was a job well done!"

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