Biamp Network Paging Systems Provides Integrators with Solutions for Paging Applications

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Mar 12, 2008

Biamp Network Paging Systems Provides Integrators with Solutions for Paging Applications

In a paging system introduction that couples the industry's most powerful, flexible digital signal processors with an elegant and robust microphone and control unit, Biamp Systems today introduced its new Network Paging System to the European systems integration community. The system comprises Biamp's elegant and robust new Networked Paging Station-1 seamlessly integrated with the company's proven AudiaFLEX® systems with CobraNet® and purpose-built programming blocks specifically designed for paging applications.

The single-cable Networked Paging Station-1 — a plug-and-play solution designed to cut costs and reduce installation time — is ideal for stadiums, convention centres, shopping centres, schools, universities and a range of other facilities.

Biamp's Networked Paging Station integrates seamlessly with Biamp AudiaFLEX, to provide Biamp trademark audio quality and sound with a network-friendly, intuitive architecture. While legacy audio networks require the installation of separate systems to support audio, paging and video conferencing, Biamp's Network Paging System allows integrators to integrate with the AudiaFLEX chassis to create a single network for all audio requirements and, in doing so, eliminates the need for duplicate systems.

In addition, Biamp's Audia® software will include two new programming blocks for paging features that make the stations easy to install and synch. The Page Zone Router block allows for creation and storage of page zone groups with flexible chimes and levels of priority. The NPS-1 block allows you to define the number of page zones groups each station can access.

The Networked Paging Station is ideal for facilities where clear audio is paramount. Its network functionality allows it to seamlessly integrate with existing AudiaFLEX networks and quickly route pages, even in the most complex, zoned networks. Each station receives control and audio data as well as power via a single Ethernet connection.

"Great systems start with great network processors, and our paging solution features the industry's most comprehensive, scalable and powerful architecture at its core," explained Steve Metzger, Business Development Director, Biamp Systems. "Now with the Networked Paging Station, we're offering a paging interface that is designed with the integrator and the end-user in mind and that is immediately apparent from the usability, control capability and robustness. Having previewed the system to European partners, we feel we have a real strong offering and we're confident the market will agree."

Design ergonomics are another prominent feature of the Networked Paging Station. With an easy to read LCD display and scroll wheel interface, users can quickly switch between pre-assigned paging groups and zones. The sleek, sophisticated design of the new paging station also makes it aesthetically pleasing in installations where stations are visible to the general public.

"The network functionality of the Networked Paging Station is a stark contrast to traditional paging stations that rely on analog switching and audio transmission," said Graeme Harrison, Vice President of International Sales, Biamp Systems. "Because they connect seamlessly with existing AudiaFLEX networks, these new stations give our distributor partners a distinct advantage when creating full featured paging systems."

Shipping globally, the Networked Paging Station-1 is fully RoHS compliant and CE marked.

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