Truevance Management Makes Sound Decision With Audia

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Jun 18, 2008

Truevance Management Makes Sound Decision With Audia

When determining the fate of a defendant on trial, it's not only the evidence that's critical, but the interpretation of that evidence. Courtroom AV systems have become increasingly high tech to provide the clearest presentation of physical objects, audio, video and pictorial files, data displays, and graphical recreations of the crime scenes that provide evidence. This puts increasing burdens on courts as they consider how to implement and use this new technology to improve the flow of cases through the ever-stretched judicial system.

So when Clay County, Florida embarked on an expansion project to double the size of its courthouse, officials sought to create a courtroom AV system that would be the most technologically advanced of its kind—not only in the State of Florida, but in the nation. To help achieve this vision, Clay County selected Truevance Management, Inc., one of the Southeast's foremost audiovisual design-build firms, as consultant and collaborator on the project.

Truevance Management solved the case with an advanced, digital AV presentation system that sits on an Ethernet network, providing network control with remote maintenance and monitoring for all four courtrooms.

The entire system is complex, including remote sources, local cameras, computers, document camera and DVD/VCR combo as well as numerous microphones and audio sources. Seven Biamp AudiaFLEX® CM Digital Signal Processors serve as the central system for the audio routing and mixing, breaking out channels for recording of court sessions, press feeds, assisted listening, and for the PA system. The channels to be recorded are feeding a digital server-based recording system that keeps the record of proceedings for the court. Though each courtroom has four main audio zones and five additional specific individual speaker zones, microphone audio to individual zones was eliminated via mix-minus matrix programming to prevent feedback—resulting in clearer conversations and much higher gain before feedback. Due to the number of microphones and audio sources, the system relies on the AudiaFLEX matrix for the separate routing of the recording outputs and mix-minus PA.

In courtrooms with video, the video distribution system can route video sources to discrete monitors and can display four different native formats in a courtroom at the same time on user selectable displays. Audio is routed in a similar fashion to the same video monitor areas though the matrix capabilities of AudiaFLEX, via a simple touch panel interface.

AudiaFLEX easily handles the demands of such a system because the advanced nature of its digital signal processing allows the system designer to choose any configuration of inputs and outputs to meet the specific demands of any system design. Multichannel audio can easily be distributed via CobraNet, with simple control of the system via Ethernet or other system control technology.

"The wide range and flexibility of the DSP blocks in AudiaFLEX were important for us to maintain a high quality of audio," says Bob Ellis, Truevance Management's sales manager of AV Systems, who oversaw the system design and installation. "With the inherent power of the Biamp Digital Audio Platform and the unwavering support of its Technical Support staff, we were able to successfully complete the Clay County Courthouse project with universally positive response."

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Truevance is one of the Southeast's foremost audiovisual design-build firms. In addition to AV, Truevance is a leading provider of infrastructure consulting, engineering, construction and support services throughout North America. Its customers include such well know companies as AT&T, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Cox Communications, TECO Energy, Sprint Nextel, Comcast, ConEdison, Embarq and Honeywell. Truevance is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. For additional information, please visit


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