Vocia approved for EN 54-16 certification

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Jun 9, 2010

Vocia approved for EN 54-16 certification

BEAVERTON, Oregon — This week at InfoComm 2010, Biamp Systems, a leading international provider of professionally installed audio systems, announced Vocia® has earned the EN 54-16 accreditation, a qualification that brings the Vocia system recognition of adhering to one of the most stringent voice evacuation and fire alarm standards in the world.

Vocia is a critical paging and mass notification system that delivers the scalability, flexibility and intelligibility required to meet the global life safety standards and requirements. Vocia was built from the ground up to deliver a networked, decentralized, no-single point of failure voice evacuation. This standard is aimed specifically at ensuring that voice alarm control and indicating equipment provides the best possible communication within public facilities.

"When Biamp considered entering the life safety market, we knew compliance with the European Union's life safety codes would be necessary to meet the requirements of buildings of the future," said Graeme Harrison, Vice President of International Sales for Biamp Systems. "Coupled with our internal research, as well as today's market demand for Vocia, we knew Vocia would be flexible enough to fit any project requirements. Vocia's decentralized, networked approach to voice evacuation makes it the solution for university campuses, transportation facilities and other venues, today and tomorrow."

The new Control Interface (CI-1) device helped pave the way for Vocia earning the EN 54-16 voice evacuation safety standard approval. The CI-1 works with the Life Safety Interface (LSI-16), an emergency interface between the Vocia critical paging system and emergency and fire alarm systems.

Vocia enhancements
Vocia is now available with several new features that simplify the installation and maintenance process for systems integrators and end users alike. With the Vocia CobraNet® Bridge software feature, Vocia can now communicate with Audia®, as well as with any CobraNet device that use explicit bundle numbers. This feature expands the versatility and flexibility of Vocia by allowing IT Professionals to layer Vocia on top of an existing Audia box or any CobraNet device without having to leverage separate network resources. This reduces costs associated with labor and installation and does not require systems integrators to lay new network cable or fiber optics, making installation easier and far more cost-effective.

A Vocia overview presentation will be on display at the Biamp Systems booth #C6622 at 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm daily during InfoComm 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 9-11, 2010. Stop by and learn more about why Vocia offers the greatest reliability and flexibility for critical paging and mass notification systems.

Biamp receives Vocia EN 54-16 certificate
Steve Metzger, Biamp's President, receives the EN 54-16 Certificate of Conformity
for Vocia from Graham Orme, CEng FICE, International Director for BRE Global


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