Biamp Systems Releases Tesira® 2.3

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Dec 16, 2014

Biamp Systems Releases Tesira® 2.3

BEAVERTON, Oregon — Biamp Systems, a leading provider of innovative networked media systems, today unveiled Tesira® 2.3. Part of the company’s award-winning line of digital signal processing (DSP)-based products, the platform’s newest release introduces IEEE 1722.1 AVB support. Tesira 2.3 also includes greater reporting capabilities for expanders, a new dedicated software block for Audio-Technica’s Dante™ microphones, and increased telephony support.

“Tesira 2.3 demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with audio and networking solutions that are at the forefront of innovation,” said Justin O’Connor, audio and conferencing product manager at Biamp Systems. “Meeting interoperability requirements and adding enhanced reporting tools, plus support for Audio-Technica’s Dante microphones, increases the clear value proposition for our customers: greater reliability and more intuitive tools that unleash the potential of today’s networked media systems.”

Tesira 2.3 implements IEEE 1722.1 support for AVB, enabling standards-based interoperability with other devices supporting IEEE 1722.1 — giving customers greater confidence in the expandability and customization options for networked audio installations. Accordingly, it will undergo testing at University of New Hampshire’s interoperability lab for independent third-party testing and AVnu certification.

Tesira’s increased reporting capabilities include status and fault reporting for the series’ expander devices — making it simpler for large setups to rapidly identify and troubleshoot systems. If an expander is not operating as expected, that device can be easily identified along with the status or condition of the expander.

For systems incorporating Audio-Technica microphones, Tesira 2.3 provides explicit input blocks in Tesira software for the ATND971 and ATND8677 Dante units. With a DAN-1 card, Tesira not only receives networked Dante audio from the A-T microphones, but through the new blocks, system designers can design the exact button and LED controls desired. Tesira configures the microphone with the settings and also triggers button and LED events, as well as controlling filters and related parameters. The new block can also accommodate up to 32 microphones with identical settings — facilitating fast and easy design.

“The latest version of Tesira software integrates Audio-Technica’s Dante-enabled ATND971 boundary microphone and ATND8677 microphone desk stand, allowing customers to maximize the full potential of these products,” said Chris Nighman, product manager, wired products at Audio-Technica. “The included controls provide intuitive assignment of the user switch and green/red LED, providing ultimate system design flexibility. Tesira software gives customers the ability to assign up to 32 A-T devices with common parameters to a single block for more efficient installation and setup.”

For customers in Switzerland and India, Tesira 2.3 also enhances telephony support, enabling Biamp telephony cards and devices to ensure all call progress tone support. Further call progress tone support and improvement is provided for additional countries in the Tesira 2.3 release.

The Tesira 2.3 firmware package and product release notes are available now from the Biamp website. More information is available at

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