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Devio delivers all of Biamp’s years of audio experience in a streamlined, automated and curated experience. Addressing the need for rapidly deployable and consistently excellent conferencing solutions, Devio eliminates programming and commissioning time without compromising on audio quality.

Leveraging Biamp’s unique technologies, Parlé Beamtracking® microphones track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room. This allows far-end participants to follow the discussion as it unfolds, creating a natural audio experience and breaking down barriers to truly collaborative meetings.

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Audio and mute sync for UC systems

Single Cable Solution


Enjoy streamlined results and avoid excessive cabling

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Automatic device
discovery and tuning



Intelligently mixes and tracks voices around the room

Devio Product Family

Devio delivers a powerful, hassle-free approach to meeting rooms of all sizes

Devio SCR - Small Room Solutions

  • Complete huddle and small room solutions.
  • Works with PCs running conferencing platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and many more.
  • Supports a single USB connection to a host computer for audio and video media using DisplayLink USB graphics technology.
  • Auto Setup validates device connections, adjusts room levels and sets speaker EQ to optimize audio quality.
  • Can be monitored and managed remotely using Biamp SageVue software and API, via SNMP, or with the Devio SAU software.


Devio SCX – Medium / Large Room Solutions

  • Flexible meeting room hubs.
  • Compatible with Biamp’s Tesira audio accessories.
  • Build a complete system with microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers.
  • Deploy with zero programming and streamlined commissioning.
  • Biamp Launch for one touch automatic room tuning
  • AI noise reduction algorithm for clear voice reproduction
  • Can be monitored and managed remotely using Biamp SageVue software and API.


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