Audio Solutions for Multi-Use Spaces

Multi-Use Spaces

Flexible AV products that meet the demands of ever-changing spaces.


Equipment that is flexible and easy to reconfigure is a must.

As businesses evolve, single-use spaces are falling out of favor. Instead, organizations are choosing multi-use spaces that can be combined and configured to suit a wide range of activities. Examples include hotel and convention center ballrooms, lunchroom and cafeteria spaces that can be converted into meeting halls, and ballrooms that can be combined with adjacent rooms or divided using floating walls to accommodate audiences of different sizes. By definition, multi-use spaces must be flexible in terms of use and capacity, as well as room setup. In many facilities, a single-multi use space could host a lecture in the morning, a standing-room-only meeting in the afternoon, and a seated formal dinner in the evening. 

Biamp's value proposition for multi-use spaces
Networked Media Systems are particularly adept at supporting modular rooms that require quick and robust reconfiguration capabilities. Tesira can manage all the audio and video processing in each of the rooms, and distribute the audio and video both within the room and across the network to other rooms. In addition, Tesira is the only platform capable of interfacing with and moving audio between multiple protocols, from AVB/TSN to CobraNet® to Dante™. 

If paging is required, Vocia offers voice evacuation, zoned paging, networked paging, and more. Integrating paging with ambient noise compensation allows the paging volume to adjust up or down automatically, depending on the space's ambient volume. This ensures pages are audible and intelligible, which is critical during times of emergency, without being overly loud during normal business operations. 

Product Solutions.


Multi-Use spaces demand AV equipment that is flexible and easy to reconfigure depending on the day's activities.

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