Paging Solutions

Paging Solutions

Whether you need simple paging solutions for a single facility or zoned paging for a large hospital or transportation hub, Vocia can help.

Public buildings, transportation hubs, and other facilities each have distinct and complex paging needs, with a central tenet: the need for pages to be audible and intelligible.

Overhead paging is a vital resource for organizations all over the world, allowing administrators to communicate instantly with staff and visitors at the push of a button. 

Hospitals and medical centers have particularly strong paging needs. Studies have confirmed that noise can interfere with healing time, leading medical professionals to seek improved paging options that minimize disruption to patients and staff. A quality paging solution can improve hospital operations by sending pages to predetermined zones, allowing patients to rest undisturbed, while simultaneously reducing distractions for hospital staff.

Bustling transportation hubs, such as train stations and airports, must disseminate messages to acoustically challenging areas like loading platforms and open-concept terminals. Features such as automated ambient noise compensation (ANC) can overcome passenger noise during busy commuting hours, without being overly loud during slower periods. 

Schools use scheduled bells throughout the day to alert students to class period changes. On modern campuses, traditional bells have been abandoned in favor of more pleasant digital chimes, which can be scheduled using software. Schools also require the ability to make prerecorded announcements, as well as the ability to broadcast instructions during emergency situations.

Biamp's value proposition for paging
Biamp's Vocia platform offers scalable and cost-effective paging solutions that are well-suited for a variety of industry applications. Explore the options Vocia offers for educational facilities, transportation hubs, medical centers, corporate campuses, industrial buildings, and more.

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Vocia's remote control capabilities allow facilities or AV/IT managers to rearrange the zoning quickly and easily via an intuitive software interface. Workplaces become quieter and more efficient because pages go to designated zones instead of throughout the entire facility. In a healthcare environment, zoning prevents messages from playing inside or near patient rooms, which is less disruptive and increases the quality of patients' healing. For busy airports, train stations, or industrial facilities, pages can be targeted so that they are only heard by those who need to hear them.

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