Ivci installs Biamp's Audia&Trade; System at Symbol Technologies Worldwide Locations

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Jan 25, 2005

Ivci installs Biamp's Audia&Trade; System at Symbol Technologies Worldwide Locations

Biamp Systems, international leader in professional installed audio electronics, supplied ICVi (www.ivci.com) with 12 AudiaFLEX systems for a multiple location installation at Symbol Technologies, Inc. IVCi is a world leader in providing managed solutions for conferencing and collaboration, specializes in video, web and audio conferencing, as well as streaming video, audio/visual solutions, and IP network services.

"The AudiaFLEX was chosen for this project because of its flexibility, controllability, and building block approach to system design," said Tim Hennen, IVCi's Assistant Vice President of Audio Visual & Systems Integration. "The software interface is intuitive and easy to use while at the same time powerful enough to provide us with the flexibility and control required for the success of this project."

With the design at Symbol Technologies calling for one AudiaFLEX to be installed in each of 12 separate offices, the challenge for IVCi was to provide total control of the audio system in a standardized manner across all locations. AudiaFLEX gave IVCi the ability to design an audio system that provided control over key audio levels and settings within a designated range. This flexibility and ease-of-use allowed IVCi to give Symbol the ability to adjust levels of in-room volume, send and receive volume for video and audio conferencing, as well as the level of individual microphones. Each of these levels could then be controlled within a fixed range through a Crestron Control System working with the AudiaFLEX.

One of the powerful design features of AudiaFLEX is that Biamp is able to give integrators like IVCi the tools necessary to develop a flexible system that will allow end users to custom tailor their audio within a controlled set of parameters to create the perfect conferencing environment. At Symbol Technologies, the AudiaFLEX also proved to be cost effective in that it allowed Symbol to purchase only the input and output configurations required for each site rather than buy a fixed frame device that could be too large or too small for the required system.

"Once again, it is the flexibility of AudiaFLEX that wins the day," said Ron Camden, Vice President of Sales, Biamp Systems. "The cost-effective and powerful technology in our product, combined with the advanced systems design concepts from IVCi, made AudiaFLEX the ideal solution for Symbol's multi-point conferencing system."

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