Biamp Systems Introduces Exclusive Event Scheduler Feature in New Version 3.6 Audia™ Software

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Jan 26, 2005

Biamp Systems Introduces Exclusive Event Scheduler Feature in New Version 3.6 Audia™ Software

Biamp Systems announced the immediate availability of Version 3.6 Audia® software that includes the Event Scheduler block. The new Event Scheduler block will enhance automation of scheduled audio events operations in virtually any facility that relies on timed events, announcements, message routing or even adjustments to audio levels that are dictated by time.

"Our engineering team continues to lead the industry by listening to the needs of the marketplace and applying its expertise to develop the next level of functionality for our digital audio platform," said Matt Czyzewski, Vice President of Technical Operations, Biamp Systems. "The Event Scheduler block will make operations much more effective for Audia® users in markets from retail stores to schools to restaurants."

In fact, Event Scheduler is ideal for other venues as well including train stations, industrial facilities, theme parks and museums. System designers or end users can now rely on the Event Scheduler to automate time-dictated functions by triggering either internal presets or remote logic boxes to initiate a variety of schedule types, including: Periodic, Date/Time, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

For those facilities that employ a number of timed elements or use overlapping schedules, the Event Scheduler block accommodates layering of multiple timed actions. Up to 8 layers of events, interactive with one another, empower users to design complex sets of time dependent functions to be totally automatic.

Event Scheduler is now available in the new Version 3.6 software upgrade for Audia and is downloadable from the Biamp Systems website ( The new software with the Event Scheduler runs on both AudiaSOLO and AudiaFLEX systems.

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