Biamp Announces New I/O Cards as well as Software and Firmware Updates are Now Available

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Mar 15, 2007

Biamp Announces New I/O Cards as well as Software and Firmware Updates are Now Available

Ensuring that customers are fully supported when installing its latest innovative audio solutions, Biamp today announced that its newest I/O cards as well as new software and firmware upgrades are available for the Audia® platform and family of Nexia® processors. These cards and upgrades allow integrators to unlock the full potential of Biamp's new PA-2 Dual-Channel Power Amplifier Card for direct power amplification via AudiaFLEX, and TrueSound™ AEC algorithm for true to life audio in any conferencing application.

I/O Cards
Available immediately, the PA-2 Dual-Channel Power Amplifier Cards and AEC-2HD two-channel acoustic echo canceling cards join Biamp's comprehensive family of I/O cards including the IP-2 two-channel mic/line input card, TI-2 two-channel telephone interface card and OP-2e two-channel mic/line output card. The PA-2 Dual-Channel Power Amplifier Card is ideal for small to medium size venues such as courtrooms or boardrooms, and enable any AudiaFLEX to directly power 4, 6 or 8 ohm speakers, eliminating the need for extra, separate amplifiers. AEC-2HD cards are designed specifically for the AudiaFLEX chassis and carry Biamp's proprietary TrueSound algorithm: the only algorithm that provides true wideband, 20 Hz to 20 kHz acoustic echo cancellation, delivering sound that is true to life.

To support the PA-2 Dual-Channel Power Amplifier Card, Biamp is also now shipping a new AudiaFLEX chassis with enhanced power supply. These chassis are identified by serial numbers that end with the letter "P".

Now standard in all Audia and Nexia components, as well as daVinci software, the new software and firmware upgrades are listed as follows: Audia software 4.2, AudiaFLEX firmware 4.4 and AudiaSOLO firmware 3.4; Nexia software 2.1 and Nexia firmware 1.4; and daVinci 1.5.

In addition to supporting the PA-2 and AEC-2HD cards, both introduced earlier this year, the upgrades will provide the following added functionality: the TrueSound AEC algorithm will now execute a reset of values if it locks up; RCB messaging errors have been corrected; the TI telephone interface has been updated; software additions that account for 24 channel AEC blocks; and new meters that make system setup and troubleshooting even easier.

Biamp customers can visit to download new software, firmware and data sheets and obtain more information about PA-2 cards and AEC-2HD cards.

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