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Jun 17, 2008

Freedom From The Conferencing Landline

Economic efficiency calls for making resources and infrastructure stretch as far as possible. Savvy integrators like the idea of using voice-over-IP for conferencing systems because it enables the network to do "double duty" and carry both voice and data.

Biamp is heeding the call with a VoIP-2 Card for AudiaFLEX. In addition to freedom from the landline and the associated cost savings from that, the product offers two channels of VoIP interface per card. Up to twelve VoIP-2 Cards can be installed into a single AudiaFLEX unit.

Each line of the VoIP-2 includes caller ID, SIP Protocol, auto-answer, speed dial, hold capability, and call-progress tone level adjustment. The integrator may also combine the card with a TI-2 Card and/or CODEC to create redundancies within a conferencing system—such as multi-point conferences and/or back up to VoIP line.

"Used in conjunction with AEC-2HD Wideband Acoustic Echo Cancellation Input Cards and TI-2 Telephone Interface Cards", says Matt Czyzewski, VP of Technical Operations, Biamp Systems, "the VoIP-2 Card makes AudiaFLEX the most powerful, flexible, and affordable telephone conferencing product available."

Biamp will introduce this powerful new voice-over-IP product at InfoComm. Visit Booth C3949.


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