Demand For Biamp Training Program Continues To Increase And Grow Internationally

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May 6, 2009

Demand For Biamp Training Program Continues To Increase And Grow Internationally

Biamp Systems launched its second year of training at international locations, to great demand and success. Biamp has been providing Audia® Certification training in its Beaverton, OR headquarters for the past six years. In 2008, Biamp introduced a new international initiative by establishing three new training sites outside of North America, which include Mumbai, Amsterdam and Bangkok.

Audia Certification training courses are designed for the audio/visual industry, giving AV integrators, distributors, consultants, and large end-users, valuable training and powerful hands-on tools for a better grasp of the power and unlimited possibilities of the Audia family of processors. Biamp's dedicated training staff teaches the four-day international program.

"It is extremely important to Biamp to impart an expansive breadth of education, team collaboration and diverse industry perspectives during this learning experience," said Martin Bonsoir, European Product Application Engineer, Biamp Systems. "The in-person training allows for the opportunity to truly get to know the people behind our brand, and gain an interactive experience based on engagement, not just a lecture."

Biamp's Education Experience allows integrators to experience dynamic, rich, in-depth and hands-on training directly from dedicated training staff. Integrators are also given the opportunity to learn solutions from fellow industry experts, equating to faster and more efficient system installations.

As seating is limited to 16, the international courses are currently offered by invitation only through Biamp's international distributors. Future courses are in development to accommodate different levels of training and newly launched products and services. In total, over 500 students will be trained globally in 2009.

"The growth of Biamp training programs internationally supports the belief that interest in our company continues to increase among AV integrators worldwide," said Kevin Jacobson, International Training Manager, Biamp Systems. "We have received extensive feedback from attendees that Biamp is becoming the 'de facto' standard on which industry experts train today. That is something we work hard to achieve every day."

"Biamp has imparted such great training and hands-on experience working with Audia," said Prasad Indulkar, Integrator with Enkay India. "I truly believe this will help all of us AV integrators a great deal, and Biamp's support will always be our strength."

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