Biamp Systems AudiaFUSION Is Now Shipping

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Oct 23, 2009

Biamp Systems AudiaFUSION Is Now Shipping

Today, Biamp® Systems announced it’s shipping AudiaFUSION, the newest member of the Audia® family. AudiaFUSION brings together open-architecture DSP, Multi-Channel Amplifier technology, and device-monitoring and load-monitoring capabilities.

"AudiaFUSION is the world’s first processor that can decentralize sound, power and control data for the entire system," said Matt Czyzewski, VP of Engineering, Biamp Systems.

The Networked Amplified Processor is CobraNet®-enabled to allow for a decentralized system configuration and to take processing to the end points. AudiaFUSION has built-in monitoring capabilities to indicate device or channel faults and support for channel-to-channel and device-to-device failover. When AudiaFUSION is installed in a system with AudiaFLEX, the processors allocate resources as needed—making the entire system more efficient and flexible.

Additionally, when components are placed close to speakers, labor costs and the need to run long speaker wires or cables are reduced. It helps conserve resources, time, money and rackspace, all with the same high-quality sound you expect from Biamp products.

"AudiaFUSION greatly expands the parameters of the AV system. Now AV can truly be integrated into one strategy and system, on one scalable network," said Czyzewski.

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