Pro Sound Miami Selects Biamp's Audia™ for Harbor Beach Marriott

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Jan 19, 2005

Pro Sound Miami Selects Biamp's Audia™ for Harbor Beach Marriott

Fort Lauderdale's newly renovated Harbor Beach Marriott contracted with Pro Sound to design and install a state-of-the-art system intended to bring the hotel's meeting facilities to a new level. Pro Sound delivered on its promise in a cost effective manner by selecting Biamp Systems' AudiaFLEX to act as a key component in the hotel's intricate digital network.

"Audia® was designed to be a cost efficient, high quality solution to a wide range of applications, including the networked processing of multiple meeting facilities and ballrooms," said Ron Camden, Vice President of Sales, Biamp Systems. "We are excited to work with a system designer and installer of the stature of Pro Sound on such a high level upgrade as the Harbor Beach Marriott."

When preparing to renovate, the Harbor Beach Marriott turned to Pro Sound for a solution that would link the hotel's disparate ballrooms and meeting facilities. Specifically, the Harbor Beach Marriott wanted a networked system that would support these ballrooms and meeting rooms while affording hotel staff access and control from the two existing hotel control rooms as well as an individual's desktop.

Scott Pearson, Director of Operations for Pro Sound knew the solution would be AudiaFLEX. "We selected AudiaFLEX because it is cost effective, yet maintains the highest quality," said Pearson. "Just as important is that AudiaFLEX provides an elegant solution to the difficult problem of room combining. All we have to do is draw the main room and the system provides the rest of the logic for us, making our programming more cost effective and accurate."

The hotel's completed digital network now utilizes multiple AudiaFLEX systems. One hotel equipment room hosts an AudiaFLEX for processing the Grand Ballroom, while the second equipment room contains two additional AudiaFLEX systems for handling the Caribbean Ballroom and mezzanine meeting rooms. The systems also incorporate the AudiaEXPI and AudiaEXPO expansion modules, adding eight additional inputs and outputs per unit and extending the functionality of the base AudiaFLEX systems.

For further ease of use and security, Biamp VRAMs, the easily programmable, tamper proof automatic mixers, were installed to address individual room mixing duties with an extensive set of features.

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