Biamp Awarded Valuable Training Grant Through Work Systems, Inc.
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Apr 25, 2005

Biamp Awarded Valuable Training Grant Through Work Systems, Inc.

Biamp Systems, the world's leading provider of advanced digital signal processing, has consistently taken steps to ensure that their company is developing at a pace that will keep them on top of the industry. Further emphasizing this point, Biamp today announced that the company has been awarded a grant from Worksystems, Inc. for funds that will be dedicated to training staff. The funds awarded will be used for programs that will contribute to the overall growth and development of Biamp employees and, ultimately, to Biamp as a company.

Working in conjunction with Portland State University, Biamp executives were able to identify critical areas of change that they felt could be enhanced through further education. Having been awarded the Worksystems, Inc. grant, Biamp must now follow-through on enhancing the areas that have been pinpointed. These include the incorporation of lead-free soldering in all manufacturing processes and demand flow manufacturing.

"For Biamp, the time to begin preparing for the future is right now," said Ned Ludlum, Training Director, Biamp Systems. "At Biamp, our employees are our most valuable assets. With this grant, we now have additional fiscal means to reinvest in our employees and our company's future. We have developed a number of ambitious training and educational programs that we will enact over the course of the next year so that everyone will reap the benefits as soon as possible."

Worksystems, Inc. oversees and funds employment and training programs for youth, the adult workforce, and business and is the fiscal agent for the Employer Workforce Training Fund, an initiative of Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski. Grants are awarded through the Workforce Response Team, a group of public and private professionals from economic and workforce development, education, and labor. Applications are accepted from businesses in the City of Portland, Washington and Multnomah counties in Oregon. Worksystems, Inc. convenes one of several Workforce Response Teams throughout the State of Oregon that dispenses Employer Workforce Training Funds.

"We were extremely impressed by Biamp's proposal," said Nancy Davis, Project Manager, Worksystems, Inc. "More importantly we were impressed by the intent of Biamp's grant proposal and their dedication to their employees. A company can only operate at their maximum potential if they are dedicated to challenging and improving their workforce. Biamp really embodies this idea and we are proud to support them, as well as other companies who are working to do the same."

Under the terms of the new grant proposal, Biamp plans to provide matching funds equal to or greater than the grant awarded and then contribute the grant accordingly among the following areas: needs assessment, curriculum development, training, evaluation, certification and data collection. Other areas of training that were identified include English as a second language, math and accent.

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