BIAMP Announces that Nexia VC and Nexia TC are Now Shipping

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Aug 22, 2006

BIAMP Announces that Nexia VC and Nexia TC are Now Shipping

Biamp today announced that its new Nexia VC and Nexia TC digital signal processors - the first that Biamp has manufactured with wideband acoustic echo cancellation built-in - are now shipping. Biamp has completed all phases of its rigorous testing process for these new products and confirmed that the Nexia VC and Nexia TC are optimized to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. The new testing sequence, implemented for the new Nexia processors and being used on all Biamp products moving forward, underscores the company's commitment to research and development and ensures that Biamp customers will continue to receive the same robust, high-quality products they have come to expect.

"Because the Nexia VC and Nexia TC are new products, our engineering department gave extra attention to the testing process," said Ralph Lockhart, President, Biamp Systems. "This meant dedicating extra time to testing, but it was necessary to ensure that these products met all of our quality standards. We greatly appreciate the interest that our customers have shown in the Nexia VC and TC and their willingness to provide their customers with the most advanced technology available. Now the onus is on us to get this technology in integrators' hands as soon as possible."

Introduced in June of 2006, the Nexia VC and Nexia TC processors are Biamp's new addition to the Nexia® family of digital signal processors. Designed specifically to provide crisp, clear audio in any videoconferencing or teleconferencing application, Nexia VC and Nexia TC are intuitive, network-ready processors that provide a full range of audio routing and signal processing features, including full wide-band acoustic echo cancellation, in single, economical, easy to install boxes.

"We are extremely excited to begin shipping the next generation in digital signal processors from Biamp Systems," said Ron Camden, Vice President North American Sales, Biamp Systems. "From a sales standpoint, all of our customers who placed orders should expect shipment this week. As an interim measure, we made every effort possible to deliver comparable solutions to our customers, regardless of the cost to us. Customer service is one of our top priorities at Biamp and customers with any questions or concerns should contact their Regional Manager without hesitation."

For more information on the new Nexia VC and Nexia TC digital signal processors, as well as the entire line of Audia® and Nexia® products, visit Biamp online at

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