Scandec Systemer Installs Global Conferencing System

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Mar 13, 2008

Scandec Systemer Installs Global Conferencing System

Scandec Systemer and Impact Europe Norge recently completed a new conferencing system at the Kristiansund operations centre of Royal Dutch Shell, featuring Biamp Systems' AudiaFLEX as its epicenter. The Kristiansund operations centre, where data, audio and visual information is shared between operators in different sites around the world, is the latest and most modern facility in the entire Shell group. The design mandate presented to Scandec Systemer was to provide content integration between discrete sites — from the Draugen and Ormen Lange off-shore oil platforms to corporate meeting rooms and design centres — to enhance global collaboration and provide meeting participants with the impression as though they are located in the same room.

The system consists of three room-types including an operation centre that is in continuous contact with the production platforms and hosts daily meetings to address the operational process on the platforms. Secondly, coordination rooms feature the same communication facilities as the operation centre but are used for discussions, decisions and problem management. The last type of room configuration is the office room, comprising four workstations, each equipped with the same communication facilities as the operations centre.

BIAMP's AudiaFLEX serves as the brain and the hub for all audio communication. All incoming and outgoing audio sources such as telephone, PC, conference, videoconference, etc., are connected AudiaFLEX and are made available to the users via headsets, loudspeakers and microphones. The underlying intent is to enable immediate and seamless communication between all users.

Commenting on the project, Graeme Harrison, Biamp Systems Vice President of International Sales noted, "The skill with which Scandec Systemer and Impact Europe Norge designed and integrated this project is matched only by the power and versatility of AudiaFLEX. It is extremely rewarding and encouraging to see our technologies used to their maximum to provide end-customers with such stunning value as Scandec and Impact have provided Royal Dutch Shell in this instance!"


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