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Jun 17, 2008

Inputs and Outputs Break Free From The Rack

Like the Hershey's Kiss or the little black jewelry box, sometimes the best things come in small packages. Just ask the audio integrator who needs only a handful of inputs or outputs—not enough for a full rack—and needs them placed throughout the facility, beyond the rack.

Biamp Systems has the perfect solution: a line of mini expanders in a convenient—not to mention economical—half-rack format. They can be used to provide inputs or outputs to remote locations—for example, hidden under a conference table for microphones—or they can add scalability to a centralized Audia® system. All three components are CobraNet®-enabled, allowing for distributed inputs and outputs across the network, and may also be used to provide additional inputs and outputs to other CobraNet compliant systems without paying for more than what's needed. Moreover, the devices are Power-over Ethernet (PoE) capable or may be powered locally.

Offerings include:

• The AudiaEXPI-4 input expander that accepts four mic/line analog audio inputs and provides four channels of digital audio output via CobraNet;

• The AudiaEXPO-4 output expander that accepts four channels of digital audio input via CobraNet and provides four mic/line-level analog audio outputs; and

• The AudiaEXPI/O-2 input/output expander that accepts two mic/line analog audio inputs, provides two channels of digital audio output via CobraNet, and accepts two channels of digital audio input via CobraNet, and provides two mic/line-level analog audio outputs.

"These Mini Expanders will encourage our customers to rethink how a network system operates, allowing them to place inputs and outputs exactly where they are needed." Matt Czyzewski, VP Technical Operations.

Biamp will introduce this Revolutionary new line of expanders at InfoComm. Visit Booth C3949.


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